Providing personalized accounting and consulting services exclusively to healthcare providers for twenty years

Our Profile

Schiavi, Wallace & Rowe, PC (“SWR”) was formed in 1994 to provide specialized accounting and consulting services exclusively to the healthcare industry. The founding partners, who had achieved management positions at a national accounting and consulting firm, identified an unfulfilled need for personalized accounting expertise.

SWR is an unusual firm in many ways. We emphasize that the firm is committed to providing services only to the healthcare industry. The principals believe that a healthcare business is different from any other type of business, and that true exemplary service requires a time commitment and ideology commitment beyond what can be expected from a “traditional” accounting firm—no matter what size that firm might be.

SWR is also unusual in that we focus our hiring on experienced personnel. The majority of our employees have previous healthcare experience in both provider organizations and national accounting and consulting firms, most in excess of 20 years. Larger firms may claim their significant personnel resources as an advantage, while their true healthcare group is smaller than the staff of SWR. This experience provides for a higher quality product (and less hassle for your staff who do not have to “train” a new group of auditors or consultants each year).